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Data Protection Policy

Protecting our client data and privacy and financial details is a matter of huge importance for us.

Why Personal Data of clients is so important to us

Personal Data means data that can identify clients, directly or indirectly, either from provided data or from provided data combined with other information that is in, or likely to come into, our possession. It includes data such as client´s name, address, recipient name, location, account number etc, depending on the request – this information must be complete for the purposes of concrete remittance.

We send the data provided by clients – but only information that is necessary to perform the remittance and to ensure that the beneficiary receives the transfer.

We do our job carefully – we are careful with personal data transfer to ensure that only necessary information to perform the transfer is provided. Our correspondents from third countries - outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) were properly informed that before we start the cooperation it is obligatory to the fulfil the Personal Data Transfer Agreement.

We will not share client´s data with any third parties unless they are cooperating directly with us to provide services that are necessary to maintain and run requested money transfers, or as required to do so by law.