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Our mission is to provide the most secure, fastest and most affordable way to send money worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

about belmoney

Belmoney Transfert SPRL is a Payment Institution that offers services to legal entities. Regulated and certified by the National Bank of Belgium and headquartered in Brussels, Belmoney Transfert SPRL is a solution for Financial Institutions that participate on cross-border payments and provide everyone with the most convenient payment services for reasonable prices using all types of technologies.



We provide a low-cost and efficient platform for banks and money service businesses to support remittance services.


Belmoney offers customers an online ordering system for payments.

why choose us

Belmoney follows strict guidelines to keep your transactions safe. All personal data and information we collect to perform transfers are not shared to any third parties unless they it is necessary to process your transactions.
Our staff consists on highly experienced members with over 15 years’ experience on the financial market. Belmoney started as a family business, always committed to provide our customers the best services.
Our dedicated team offers you reliable and fast services. We are welcome to receive any questions or concerns you may have about Belmoney.

our markets

Brazil and Latin America

Belmoney is the leader in remittances to Brazil - the biggest country in South America and one of the largest markets in the world. We also perform transactions to Caribbean and North America.

70+ countries over the world

We operate in most of the European countries, offering convenient and practical services. If your customers live in Belgium, for instance, they’ll be able to use our payment services to pay their bills. Belmoney is also present in Africa and Asia.